Almond milk 🥛

✔Almonds are packed with nutrients, plant oils and all… they are one of the super foods

✔ Almond is lower energy compared to cows milk which for weight loss if you happen to drink gallons of milk a day is a good thing

  •  However, almond milk is lower protein, lower calcium and most of the time we take milk for mainly calcium
  • Almond milk only contains 2% of almonds and other things which sometimes can be sugar & all the other “non-nutritious fillers”
  •  Luckily nutrition is not one size fits all so well depending in a person’s nutritionally needs they might be fine on almond milk.. however people with extra calcium , Vitamin D or other nutritional needs such as Teens, babies, pregnant and lactating women , these individuals might struggle to meet their nutritional needs of these nutrients such as calcium = higher in Cow’s milk
  •  There are fortified almond milks out there- added calcium , Vitamin D maybe those could be a solution 🤔

🐄 Choose lower fat versions of cows milk unless Ofcouse you are vegetarian / vegan… you might wanna consider soy milk much better nutrient profile than almond milk

  •  Maybe you just eat almonds and drink water… you still you will get much more almond benefit from that as compared to almond milk


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