Almond milk 🥛

✔Almonds are packed with nutrients, plant oils and all… they are one of the super foods

✔ Almond is lower energy compared to cows milk which for weight loss if you happen to drink gallons of milk a day is a good thing

  •  However, almond milk is lower protein, lower calcium and most of the time we take milk for mainly calcium
  • Almond milk only contains 2% of almonds and other things which sometimes can be sugar & all the other “non-nutritious fillers”
  •  Luckily nutrition is not one size fits all so well depending in a person’s nutritionally needs they might be fine on almond milk.. however people with extra calcium , Vitamin D or other nutritional needs such as Teens, babies, pregnant and lactating women , these individuals might struggle to meet their nutritional needs of these nutrients such as calcium = higher in Cow’s milk
  •  There are fortified almond milks out there- added calcium , Vitamin D maybe those could be a solution 🤔

🐄 Choose lower fat versions of cows milk unless Ofcouse you are vegetarian / vegan… you might wanna consider soy milk much better nutrient profile than almond milk

  •  Maybe you just eat almonds and drink water… you still you will get much more almond benefit from that as compared to almond milk



Mbali Mapholi (RD)

Author: Mbali Mapholi Inc

Mbali is a qualified clinical dietitian (Bsc. dietetics & PGDip dietetics) obtained from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In dietetics she has special interest in Heart and heart related diseases, gastrointestinal (GIT) related diseases, weight management and African diet nutrition. She is a business woman with entities MiNutrition ZA and Mbali Mapholi Inc, under her belt. She is well published in the field of Nutrition with ray of media contributions (Radio, television and print media). Mbali believes is the type of eating that is nourishing, enjoyable, accessible and affordable. She believes in that nutrition education that is based on science delivered by a trusted source, is important to help people make informed nutrition decisions for themselves and those around them.

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