The lesson I have learn’t since I started my business (MiNutrition) almost 5 years ago, is that its all TRIAL  & error. I have heard at least 3 websites put up, over 5 business addresses, ton of emails sent to acquire business  or funding , lots of proposals drafted & shared, changed telephone numbers, hired & let go of a number of people, bridged a couple of contracts with a number of service providers & suppliers,.. I  have shed a lot of tears, I have LOST  hundreds of thousands in rent, or just services or goods that were not worth it. I have lost many times, & only won very few times.

The one person that has remained is the Jack of All Trades (who I call the JOT of the business) my husband,  He has carried my vision forward & continues to do everything to get me where I need to be.

With all what I have mentioned above… the most difficult truth to swallow is that… my business MiNutrition (T/A MbalimapholiInc.) remains the best thing I have done for my career. Its all I want to be, be the Managing Director of this business and continue to run all services it offers. . Its all worth it… STAY ON, PUSH ON!

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