Mbali Mapholi is Registered  Dietitians practice  that provides science-based nutrition education for employers and employees. Our programs are customized to meet your needs.

As a company; we have established our brand and positioned our services to include such services detrimental to corporate and government institutions.  Such services might be in relation to the products as produced by the company or the wellness of their work force.



  1. Consultant Dietitian
Mbali as a dietitian partners with food, nutrition and health companies to offer nutrition expert contribution. She does this in either any of the five pillars:
1. Pillar One – Media Collaboration:  Dietitian will collaborate with your marketing team on medial campaigns that aim to educate your consumers about healthy eating. Dietitian will act as a nutrition spokesperson for the brand and share nutrition science of the product through any media platforms (Radio, Television, print media, social media and any other digital platforms) to help your consumers.
2. Pillar two – Research: She can put together nutrition research based on available science for your product and present it in an article format. This information you can use in your PR campaigns and use her quotes. This research can also be used by her for the media collaboration strategy in collaboration with your marketing team.
3. Pillar three – Blogs : The dietitian will develop scientific nutrition blogs on various topics which you can use to educate your consumers. 
4. Pillar four – Product Development: The dietitian will bring a nutrition expertise into  new product development or old product re-modelling.
5. Pillar five – Recipe Development & analysis: Dietitian can develop nutritious, affordable recipes that can help your consumers be creative on how to use your product/s. 
   2. Corporate Wellness Dietitian

We are experts at creating engaging and educational nutrition and health sessions to motivate your staff to achieve optimal well-being.  Dietitian intervention can be tailor made for your organisation needs.  The company can pick  a relevant topic from our lists. Examples of topics to cover include the following : 

  • African food nutrition
  • Healthy meals with culturally sensitive recipes (Breakfast/Lunch?Dinner)
  • Importance of healthy eating for the working class
  • Basic healthy eating through all stages of lifecycle
  • Weight management nutrition education
  • Debunk common nutrition myths for better health
  • Eating out wisely – Guide to eating out
  • Management of diseases of lifestyle e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure at work
  • Dealing with tiredness and fatigue at work
  • Healthy snacking
  • Low budget nutritious meals
  • Dealing with constipation prevalence in the working class

These can be done in a number of ways such as :

  1. Experiential Breakfasts & Lunches (Demos & group classes)

This is a hands-on session with a dietitian, which looks at how to build a healthy meal, how much you should be eating and how to make healthy food taste great. Participants will walk away with a variety of practical tips and tricks as well as recipe ideas and resources. A delicious and nourishing meal/drink will provided for each participant.

    2. Nutrition Intervention Challenges

Employees can enjoy a private consultation with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Our consultations encourage long term healthy eating changes through simple and practical advice. We can measure weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference.  We also offer results focused and individually packaged weight loss programs for your employees. These are  run by the dietitian and aim to improve the nutritional status of the employees.

  For more Wellness Dietitian Services for your organization – contact us for a proposal

Companies have realized and adopted the policies that seek to put employees wellness at the base of service offering and as the primary resources that the companies own; thus a healthy and emotionally satisfied employee is the one that delivers the best output for the company which is a good recipe for profitability and sustainability: hence companies have set a wellness day for their employees among other incentives to ensure their well-being is catered for.

We can plan and execute : Wellness proposal