{Flash-back memory} ; It is has been exactly 42 days since I gave birth to my lovely little princess. It is very much exciting to be a mother; I love every moment of it. I enjoy sitting up in the middle of the night to feed my baby. I know, it sounds weird but it is true. The joy does not come from being interrupted from my well-deserved sleep. However, it comes from the feeling I get when I am sitting there in the dark supported by continental pillow breastfeeding. 5 weeks later change in my baby’s weight is seen not only by the eye and confirmed by the baby scale.

I am huge fan of breast, Oops! I mean I am big fan of breastmilk. Not only does exclusively breastfeeding provide a solution to the forever growing problem of childhood obesity. It gives baby good growth, reduces the risk of infections in infants and children, reduces risks of diarrhoeaand other related infections such as pneumonia.  Babies have an immature digestive system and very small stomach therefore early introduction of solids can cause problems such as constipation. Breastfeeding helps with mother to baby bonding which my husband calls (MBB).

These days we do not have time to prepare meals, do chores etc. Actually we have a machine that does everything, so why not use the ready-to-use drink for your baby in that way you do not have to prepare anything.  By law, employees in South Africa are allowed to take 120 days (4 months)maternity leave to care for their infants. I am also on maternity leave and I am gladly exclusively breastfeeding my little princess. By the way exclusive breastfeeding means that a baby is fed breastmilk only (no water, juice, food or any other fluids or foodstuffs) for the first 6 months of life with the exception to medicines.

Of course, breastfeeding is not easy at the beginning when you have to deal with uterus pains, nipple pains and just panic in trying to get baby to latch and suck. However, with support from the health practitioner, a willing heart and determination everyone can do it. Breastfeeding your baby at the first hour after birth and doing skin-to-skin after birth does wonders in getting baby and mother (you) in a right track. If difficult arises at the beginning just always think of the say that goes every cloud has silver lining. Till next time: Eat well, smile more and feel good.

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