Hello…My name is Mbali Mapholi. I am a registered dietitian and I eat Pap.

I promise to give you a meal plan that will still produce weight loss results with pap in the mix

🍏Let us settle this once and for all … Registered dietitian view on “Pap” .
🌽There is a lot being said about “Pap” which for the purpose of this post means all the maize meal variations e.g. soft/crumbled/stiff porridge .
🌽 Popular staple in most African countries including SA πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦
🌽” Pap”/maize meal has nutrients – it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals to restore nutrients lost through milling .
🌽 it has no much fibre since it’s lost & not restored during milling. Good news is! If it is paired well with vegetables e.g.spinach and isishebo (protein) to make a meal and is not the only food item eaten for the day
🌽 “Pap” is not the reason people gain weight. One of the risk factors for obesity is poor diet which does not translate to “Pap”
🌽 “Pap” can be eaten daily as part of our meals to provide us with carbohydrates which are the body”s preferred source of energy
🌽Diabetics can eat “Pap” so long as they follow quantity guidelines provided by their dietitian
Tips to pair “Pap” for balanced eating βœ” fist size pap(crumbled or stiff) + Chicke feet + Cabbage + Carrots βœ” Bowl of Pap (crumbled or stiff) + amasi βœ” Fist size Pap (crumbled or stiff) + Tinned fish curry + spinach + coleslaw βœ” Bowl of maize meal porridge + 1 Tablespoon peanut butter + a fruit on side .
Pro advice:
🍏 Focus on quantity and quality: Not mountain of “Pap” in your plate and paired it with other food groups to complete your meal
🍏“Pap” is not reason why South Africa bad high obesity stats
🍏 “Pap” is not for the poor but a staple food for most African natives (Rich or poor)
🍏 Eat a Variety of meals – in household we alternate all our favorite starchy foods e.g. Rice, “Pap”, Samp, pasta & dumpling
🍏 I am for balanced eating & one should not be forced to not eat their type of food in pursuit of health .

Side note : my granny and I would spend the whole day under the tree making our own maize meal by grinding dried mealies with a stone during holidays
. ——————-


Yours in health

Mbali Mapholi (RD)

E-mail: info@mbalimapholiinc.co.za

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