Hello…My name is Mbali Mapholi. I am a registered dietitian and I eat Pap. 

I promise to give you a meal plan that will still produce weight loss results with pap in the mix

🍏Let us settle this once and for all … Registered dietitian view on “Pap” .
🌽There is a lot being said about “Pap” which for the purpose of this post means all the maize meal variations e.g. soft/crumbled/stiff porridge .
🌽 Popular staple in most African countries including SA 🇿🇦
🌽” Pap”/maize meal has nutrients – it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals to restore nutrients lost through milling .
🌽 it has no much fibre since it’s lost & not restored during milling. Good news is! If it is paired well with vegetables e.g.spinach and isishebo (protein) to make a meal and is not the only food item eaten for the day
🌽 “Pap” is not the reason people gain weight. One of the risk factors for obesity is poor diet which does not translate to “Pap”
🌽 “Pap” can be eaten daily as part of our meals to provide us with carbohydrates which are the body”s preferred source of energy
🌽Diabetics can eat “Pap” so long as they follow quantity guidelines provided by their dietitian
Tips to pair “Pap” for balanced eating  fist size pap(crumbled or stiff) + Chicke feet + Cabbage + Carrots  Bowl of Pap (crumbled or stiff) + amasi  Fist size Pap (crumbled or stiff) + Tinned fish curry + spinach + coleslaw  Bowl of maize meal porridge + 1 Tablespoon peanut butter + a fruit on side .
Pro advice:
🍏 Focus on quantity and quality: Not mountain of “Pap” in your plate and paired it with other food groups to complete your meal
🍏“Pap” is not reason why South Africa bad high obesity stats
🍏 “Pap” is not for the poor but a staple food for most African natives (Rich or poor)
🍏 Eat a Variety of meals – in household we alternate all our favorite starchy foods e.g. Rice, “Pap”, Samp, pasta & dumpling
🍏 I am for balanced eating & one should not be forced to not eat their type of food in pursuit of health .

Side note : my granny and I would spend the whole day under the tree making our own maize meal by grinding dried mealies with a stone during holidays
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Mbali Mapholi (RD)

E-mail: info@mbalimapholiinc.co.za

Author: Mbali Mapholi Inc

Mbali is a qualified clinical dietitian (Bsc. dietetics & PGDip dietetics) obtained from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In dietetics she has special interest in Heart and heart related diseases, gastrointestinal (GIT) related diseases, weight management and African diet nutrition. She is a business woman with entities MiNutrition ZA and Mbali Mapholi Inc, under her belt. She is well published in the field of Nutrition with ray of media contributions (Radio, television and print media). Mbali believes is the type of eating that is nourishing, enjoyable, accessible and affordable. She believes in that nutrition education that is based on science delivered by a trusted source, is important to help people make informed nutrition decisions for themselves and those around them.

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10 thoughts on “I eat Pap,,,

  1. Ferron says:

    This was so lovely. Thank you. I’ve just started incorporating pap into my diet because my partner eats pap regularly but was worried it was unhealthy or going to make me gain weight. But this makes a lot of sense and also good ideas on what to pair it with. No more mountains!

    1. Yes! no more mountains. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  2. I’ve been exercising and eating pap most of the days I do lose weight but my stomach stays the same. I thought maybe eating pap had to do with it but now I know that I only have to take small quantities of pap. Thank you.

    1. Weight loss is complex and there are more contributing factors to failure to lose it that a dietitian can help you decode.

  3. Ntokozo says:

    Ja ne! knowledge is power you know all these years I thought pap is the most contributing factor of weight gain, pap is good what matters is the size of the pap we consume.

    1. I believe that everything in moderation is the best approach. This allows us to strike the balance between nourishment and enjoyment.

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you so much.indeed knowledge is power

    1. Indeed knowledge is power.

  5. Maxwell says:

    I thought pap is the weight contributing factors,but now that I know the view of expert, I will not stop eating pap

  6. Nsiko says:

    I’m actually trying to gain weight. I was planning on doing a 30 day challenge wherin I eat pap for breakfast(porridge) lunch and dinner. Would I be successful in gaining weight or is the weight gain thing just a myth. People around me have always blamed their weight gain on pap whenever they return to school from visiting their grans. I’ve never heard anyone say the same thing about porridge so I’ve always been sceptical since they’re like the same thing, but now that I wanna gain weight I’m actually hoping the pap thing is true

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