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Let me spoil you a bit, my people with a Five days Kids lunchbox ideas… ☝🏽☝🏽
But first recipe for a winning healthy children lunchbox .
1️⃣.  Nutritious 
1. Good quality starch – wholegrains are a winner here as they offer higher amounts of fibre & sustainable energy
2. Good quality protein – ofcourse these are for good growth but also protein contain essential amino acids needed by their organs especially brain 🧠, protein also provide satiety 🙌🏾, & variety of vitamins & mins for all bodily functions
3. At least 2 fruits & vegetables servings at lunchtime … Half way to 5-A- Day 🍏🙌🏾– packed with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals
4. Dairy – Recommendation is about 3 servings a day as source of calcium & many others nutrients… hopefully by this time they have had at least 1 dairy serving so we are now at 2 😃
5. Healthy fats – adding these is important as source of energy, food for the brain, help with absorption of fat soluble vitamins… I mean 🙌🏾 e.g. margarine, avocado, peanut butter or nuts , olives, dressings …
6. lastly beverage: Best bev is water, water 💦💦 but can also add low sugar beverages .
2️⃣.  Affordable 
1. Children do not need new foods for school lunchbox – they should be eaten what they eat at home ☝🏽
2. Then it means at home they need to be fed well – if you are now stressed because the school is busy sending “unhealthy “ foods as they call them back home . It means maybe we need to revisit that kitchen maybe it is not child nutrition proof 😩
3. Keep it simple & remember that they have very small tummies so no need to pack a whole fridge – results in high food waste 😏
3️⃣.  Enjoyment: Appealing & Tasty 😋
1. Kids will return soggy foods home- invest is small sized containers so you can separate wet ingredients from dry ingredients
2. involve them in prep – it helps a lot , they feel involved
3. Meal prep is boss – have lunchbox ingredients for the week, with a clear plan caregivers can even delegate to the nannies seamlessly .
REMEMBER: There is a different between a snack 🍏& Treat 🍩
NB: Be aware of the school policy e.g. allergens policy ——-

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