Online Consultations

One of the convenient ways you can get a full consultation with your favorite @urbandietitian is through our Online offering

Option A


This is option for answers to any nutrition questions you might have (any questions)--> Email through questions to with a proof of payment --> The dietitian will thoroughly answer them in 4 - 6 days NB: Send as many questions as you want.

Option B
Meal Plan

This is an options for people who just want healthy eating guidelines (Meal Plan Pack) --> Email with your interest in this and a proof of payment -->You will receive a nutrition assessment form which you complete & return-->A Meal plan pack will be emailed to you within 4 – 7 days-->Follow-up emails are sent to you at 2 weeks, 4 weeks & 6 weeks)

Option C

This option is for people with existing chronic diseases or have just been diagnosed with a chronic disease --> Email with your interest in this and you will receive an assessment form--> A disease specific pack will be sent to you with meal plan and disease guidelines within 3 – 5 days
-->Weekly follow up call or email is made to you every 2 weeks thereafter for 8 weeks (2 months)


 Kindly please email  – your interest in any of our online consultation plans and proof of payment

Payment Policy for online Consultations

We only accept cash payments for our online consultations via EFT, Cash send methods from various banks

Our Banking Details:

Account Holder: MiNutrition ZA 

Bank Name: First National Bank

Branch Number: 250655 

Account number: 62537467624

Reference: Your initials and Surname