Pro Bono Dietitian Program

WHAT'S the story?


Majority of South Africans are from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. Unfortunately, they are also the same people who suffer mostly from chronic diseases and the ones that are in desperate need of quality health care. This is evident through higher rates of preventable chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart & heart related diseases in these communities. Dietitians are the only qualified and registered healthcare professionals to offer therapeutic nutrition (diagnose, and treat or prevent diseases using nutrition).However, dietitians currently working in the public sector are overstretched as the public health sector is not hiring dietitians as much to meet the demand. This  leaves many of the people who can not afford private health care left behind and it so happens that they are the ones who need nutrition specialty care the most. Munakisi Wellness brings to you – Hoito. 


A world where top quality therapeutic nutrition is easily accessible to those who need it by 2030.


We believe health is wealth and nutrition is one of the important pillars of health. Our mission is to offer top quality nutrition therapy at NO Cost to all those who cannot afford it. 

What is Hoito? 

Hoito is a Dietitian Pro Bono program brought to South Africans by Munakisi Wellness. Munakisi Wellness is a NPO registered under NPO Act 71/1997 of South Africa that was founded in 2017 by renowned registered dietitian – Mbali Mapholi.  Through Hoito, Munakisi Wellness offers top quality therapeutic nutrition throught the expertise of dietitians to those who desparately need it at no cost to them. 

 Hoito is a finnish word which translates to ‘Care’ or ‘Treatment’  in English language. Both these words embody what this program is about to Care and offer nutrition therapy treatment to people who would have not normally accessed this service. 

Section 27 of the constitution of South Africa states that all citizens have a right to access to healthcare services and dietitians are a specialty care service that at Munakisi Wellness we strongly believe needs to be accessible to all. Just like many countries in the word, South Africa has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by 2030 which are one of the priority areas in the Africa Agenda 2063. Hoito contributes to SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. 


  • To  reach at least 6000 children under 5 years by 2025
  • To reach at least  10 000 women on  the childbearing age by 2025
  • To reach 50 000 women with chronic diseases by 2025
  • To reach 10 000 children from ages (6-13 years) by 2025
  • To reach at least 76 000 women & children by 2025.


  • To offer one on one dietitian consultations at no cost
  • To ensure dietitians are easily accessible to people who would not have afforded a dietitian in private practice
  • To raise awareness about the profession to dietitians
  • To build a strong dietitian network that will help reach more people.

Who qualifies for this program? 

The program only caters to Women & Children (0 – 13 years). It caters for people who ONLY  seek healthcare from the public sector and who can provide a valid government medical/medication card or letter to confirm disease. 

Join the program

To Join the program, applicants will be required to fill quick and easy forms which can be accessible through our facebook Page or Instagram: @Munakisi Wellness. 

Once that is done, our team screens each application to verify information and assess the need. An identity document and medical card is needed and ONLY those who access healthcare from the public sector will be accepted in the program.  All approved applicants will be notified and a booking is done with the dietitian. 

Beneficiaries are managed medically with utmost professionalism and confidentiality from the moment the application process begins to end. beneficiaries are managed accordingly by the dietitian with follow-up appointment bookings done accordingly where applicable. 

Munakisi Wellness Dietitian Network 

Dietitians can volunteer their services to this program or any other programs offered by Munakisi Wellness.

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