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At Mbali Mapholi Inc. All our Registered Dietitians work to promote gradual lifestyle changes to benefit the health and improve the condition of each patient. Each consultation is individualized to meet the needs of each patient and help them reach their health goals.

Mbali Mapholi main dietitian disease specific areas of interests:

- Gastroenterology Nutrition e.g. Constipation, IBS, IBD, Reflux, peptic Ulcer, ulcerative colititis, Crohn's disease, fatty liver disease etc.
- Heart and heart related diseases e.g. heart disease, high blood pressure
- Diabetes especially Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational diabetes
- Weight management (Weight loss, weight gain or mantainance)
- General healthy eating education through all stages of lifecycle e.g. pregnancy, elderly, children and adults
- Healthy eating in relation to African foods nutrition perspective
- Micronutrient deficiencies e.g. iron deficiency anemia, vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals

For Online Consultations
Cut the queue

To achieve the best outcomes and success with all our clients, we do advise physical visits to the dietitian’s office with all our clients. However, in such busy times we allow for online consultations for all our clients.