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Mbali Mapholi Inc Offers to its Clients

Individual Consultations

Comprehensive nutritional assessments with a dietitian.

Weight-loss/ lifestyle Change Program

A 6 week dedicated program to support your weight loss or lifestyle change intentions.

Online Consultations

Whilst it is crucial to have a one-on-one with a Dietitian, we fully support convenience

Discovery Vitality Assessments

Earn Vitality points through visiting a Dietitian; Health checks & fitness assessments by appointment or at our Vitality days.

Disease Specific Consultations

Highly Specialized Intervention designed to help health challenged individual cope better with chronic diseases such as Diabetic, High Cholesterol etc.

Corporate Consultations

Employee Wellness, Product Analysis, Brand Promotions: and so much more of your company's Nutritional or Health needs


To build a locally and internationally revered brand for all Nutritional matters to which all media houses, organizations will descend to for advice and assistance


To assist people and organizations to follow a healthy sustainable lifestyle without being deprived, restricted and mislead through absolute diligence and professionalism.

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