Sexual Health and Diet/lifestyle…

Living a healthy lifestyle is the way to go for the prevention of chronic diseases of lifestyle.

The recent science has also expanded and linked healthy eating & being physically active to fertility & sexual health.

Basically, when couples or one party is living an unhealthy lifestyle, overweight, with chronic diseases and inactive contribute to struggles of getting children

Normally, people always associate this struggle to fall pregnancy with the woman. However, it’s not always the case men & women both can be affected.

Let me give you a recent time scenario; Mr. X impregnated a girl when he is was 22 years of age. At that time his Body Mass Index (BMI) was 23kg.m2, he was a student, and he did not drink alcohol and lived on a university bursary. At the age of 35 years and when he was working, he met a lady who he married. The lady had no pre-marital children, she was 30 years of age, with no history of drinking and had a BMI of 24.7kg.m2. Few months into married Mr X started drinking heavily, his work schedule was so packed that he lived on take-aways, and he had lots of disagreements with his wife about his drinking which was apparently now a problem. To top it all at that time his wife was also pressured by family for a baby.

The baby issue escalated too much and Mr X stood by the fact that he had a child and that meant he can have children and the problem to everyone’s assumption was with his wife. At this time he had gained over 20kg in just 6 months and had a waist circumference of 111cm with a BMI of 37kg.m2.  The marital problems over esclated to a point of divorce. Poor Mrs X was blamed by most of their close friends & family as they linked their divorce to her “infertility” problem

Fast forward to 3 years after their divorce, Mrs X got married to Mr.B  a 37 year old man who is 3 years younger than her  . He is a gym fanatic, he is from the coast and together they own a surfing board shop by the beach in the North coast of KwaZulu-Natal and they are forever in swimsuits.

They soon after welcomed a healthy baby boy who became the centre of their lives to this day.

The moral of the story is that leading an unhealthy lifestyle can be directly linked to reproduction. Poor sex drive, early ejaculation and overall poor performance is linked to what people eat and drink. Mr X was a heavy alcoholic, ate high sugary foods & drinks, loved high fat spicy foods and always chose low fibre options with minimal fruits & vegetables. He had a child when he was younger yes! But his lifestyle changed a lot and that could have affected his sexual health.  It is not to say that all the time when couples are experiencing sexual problems or are struggling to have a child it is food & drinks. However, sometimes improving your lifestyle can improve your sexual health.

I can safely say: Eat well& for improved fun under sheets.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared on this blog are not for children under the age of 18 years. Contents of this blog are views of the author and not official results from a scientific study. Inspiration is from various scientific publications.


Yours in Nutrition

Mbali Mapholi

Registerd Dietitian


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