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Importance of staying hydrated – some of important reasons

  • Improves skin health
  • Helps maintain kidney function
  • Maintain good gut health which is important for good health
  • Improves general health

How to stay hydrated, keep healthy without drinking water

  • `Plant-based foods like vegetables and fruits that contain at least 75 to 90% can help keep us hydrated. These include fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, grapefruit, celery, and broccoli are some examples of vegetables that contain at least 90% of water. These are also packed with nutrients so you will be hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juice is a great way to maximize your intake of liquids with the extra boost of nutrients. Green juice is like liquid nutrients, ready to be absorbed in your system quickly and efficiently.
  • Low fat dairy also contain high water about 70% water so they are also great
  • Eat less red meat to save your water usage as this is harder to digest & requires more water for digestion.
  • Avoid high salt cooking methods and high salty snacks as they demand more water usage. Sea salt, Himalayian salt (lower in Sodium) are better than table salt.
  • Rooibos and dandelion tea are my favorite herbal teas since both provides antioxidants and keeps you hydrated at the same time. Research advise that people keep coffee intake to less than 3 cups a day as caffeine can be a diuretic (make us lose more water) more to people who drink a lot of cups of coffee a day
  • Soups are a great way to get in nutrients while also staying hydrated. The soup has greater satiety than having vegetable and drinking a glass of water
  • Choose green smoothie for breakfast often. If done well green smoothie are full of good nutrients, fluid and will make you feel much more revitalized and hydrated.
  • Cold water is more palatable and helps cool your body faster than warm water. Furthermore, your stomach absorbs cold water — which is at approximately 41 degrees — more quickly than it absorbs warm water, making cold water better for hydration. E.g. Freeze water into ice blocks/ water ice lolliesto suck on esp. kids,
  • Though there is limited amount of research available, sports drinks (with electrolytes) and low sugar coconut water are more hydrating than plain water for moderate to high intensity physically active people.


Foto taken from the web


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