Don’t we all just want to lose those few kilos especially around our waist area? Most ladies I meet up with always tell me they just want to lose that 1 stubborn kilogram. They always share that it is confusing out there due to a lot of contradicting information. For example “some say don’t drink water & you get a 6 pack. While some say, drink water you will lose the muffin top”. I say to them, truth is when you have a rotten tooth you don’t remove it yourself nor do you ask your plumber to take it out, so why when you have nutrition concerns you want to fix yourself. Choose an expert in nutrition, choose a dietitian.
A new season is fast approaching and as much as I believe healthy eating should be an every season practice, sometimes life happens and things get out of hand in winter.
So that is why, I have brought back my weight loss series with myself.
I am currently 16 weeks postpartum and I had gained 20 kilograms during my pregnancy. I am breastfeeding so weight loss has been the last thing on my mind. However, I have shed off about 15kg by just choosing healthy choices. I always manage to keep my weight very steady without depriving myself, and feeling guilty.  I practice what I preach and it works.
Perhaps, you have joined a weight loss program before or even currently. You lost the weight but sustainability was/is a problem due to various reasons?
Why don’t you join me and I can help you lose that weight & be comfortable again.
Let me introduce to our 6 weeks weight loss program: Lose weight with a dietitian
The program will run as follows:
You pay R2900 at the start of the programme and it includes:

  • 1 hour 15 min first consultation (Full nutritional assessment)
  • 30 minutes eating plan collection (Individualized plan 3 days after 1st consultation) – important to collect the plan so I can explain
  • 20 – 30 minutes WEEKLY follow- up consultation
  • Full access to a dietitian via email, WhatsApp & phone calls
  • Recipes, shopping list & all disease related nutritional documents (for those with chronic diseases

BONUS: it’s not it a group unless you want to consult with a friend (Max. 2 people) for any of the scheduled sessions with me.
Weekly follow up topics will include some of the following subjects, each session will focus on one subject so that you can learn from it.

  • Reading food labels
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Easy recipes
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Beverages

Truth is, we cannot really put a price on the value you will gained from this program. You will learn things that will help you and your entire family for live.
“It only starts with small healthy choices, we adopt each day” – Mbali Mapholi
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Please note:
Program will run in the summer (Your 6 weeks must start & end during this period) excludes week 1 of initial assessment & eating plan collection
Registration open
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