Weight loss/Lifestyle Change Program

Don’t we all just want to be a few kilograms lighter? OR Do you want help in picking up sustainable lifestyle changes for better health. 

Choose an expert in nutrition, choose a dietitian. Join in! We can help you lose that weight & be comfortable again.
Let us introduce to our 6 weeks weight loss/Lifestyle Change program:

To Join: Choose an option below that works for you & Book on the appointment tab. Pre-booking form with practice and payment policy will be emailed to you or you can contact us directly to request it. 

Online 6 weeks Program A

• Book your nutritional assessment • Receive information via email regarding assessment and payment •Fill necessary documents • Dietitian will send you individualized Meal plan pack in 3-5 days • Pack includes: diet prescription, eating guidelines/tips, sample menu, recipes, shopping list. Tailored for your nutrition needs, culture preferences, and taste preferences. • 2x Dietitian follow ups via email or call weekly (call appointment booked in advance)

On-site 6 Weeks Program B

• Week 1: Initial comprehensive assessment (45 min.) • Week 2: 30 minutes meal plan collection Individualized plan 3 -5 days after 1st consultation{Eating guidelines, sample menu, Recipes, shopping list & all disease related nutritional documents (for those with chronic diseases} • 20 – 30 minutes bi-weekly follow-up appointments for 4 weeks.

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