List Of some media work done

Though Dietetics is an old profession; practicing dietetics remained a behind the desk profession with clients coming to see a Dietitian for Nutritional challenges that needed a Dietitian intervention, this is beyond the clinical work carried in hospitals.

Mbali Mapholi entered this industry with a fresh mind that recognizes the use of technology and the need to communicate effectively the role of a dietitian in today market where many were claiming the status of being Nutritional coaches with minimal to zero professional training. Mbali saw the need to use media platform and see it as a way to communicate useful information and claiming the status back to its professional grounding.

This opened up a platform for many Dietitian who saw challenges in the private practice space and also brought most including corporate businesses who started to realize the importance of a Dietitian in their space.

These are some of the media works Mbali produced as a practicing Dietitian for the profession at large:


  1. Celebrated over 50 shows on Radio Khwezi FM during April 2020; every Thursday @ 07:45am
  2. Featuring at Metro FM as and when needed and has been featured at-least on 40 appearances to date
  3.  702 The Best of Azania Mosaka Show – Eating plan after the holidays for the new year
  4. Living and Loving –

    A mom and dietician has these tips for moms who are struggling with picky eaters

  5.  Mid-morning Show on 702 – Health and Wellness Fussy Eaters
  6. The Expresso Show on SABC 3 – Healthy Eating Plans with Dietitian Mbali Mapholi (Game)
  7. Markerting Spread – Tips to get healthy Eaters into a Healthy Routine
  8. The Urban Coach with Urban Dietitian – Season 1 – What about Ditititians
  9. Metro FM – Morning FlavaCOVID-19 UPDATE
    ANGLE: Lockdown Weight Gain: What To Eat To Lose It Without Going On A Hectic
  10. Get It Highway BereaGet heart healthy this Heart Awareness Month with the Laager
  11. IOLHow healthy are non alcoholic drinks?
  12. DFAHow healthy are non alcoholic drinks?
  13. Witbank News Get heart healthy this heart month with Laager
  14. Massive MediaTea for kids
  15. Massive Media – Healthy snack for kids
  16. MSN LifestyleWhy potatoes need to be given more respect as an ingredient
  17. Knowledia News4 ways to control your eating during lockdown
  18. IOL News5 Healthy tips to combat tiredness
  19. Marketing SpreadRooibos tea can be part of your diet
  20. 24/7 News Africa – 5 Healthy Eating Tips to help Combat Tiredness
  21. My Heath TV – Low budget and Nutritious Food
  22. Metro FM – Healthy Eating during COVID-19 Lockdown
  23. Ackerman’s MagazineIntroducing solids to your baby
  24. IOLTools to help you curb snacking
  25. SABC News – Valentine’s Nutrtion 202
  26. Newzroom Afrika – Lighten up
  27. Highveld Stereo 947 – brain foods
  28. 702 Talk Radio – Why potatoes make good brain food?
  29. SA FMFood for the brain
  30. True Love Magazine (June, July and August 2019 Editions)  
  31. Featuring at The Massive Metro as & when needed
  32. Press Reader – True love August edition article
  33. Metro FMDoes Fruit juice causes cancer
  34. IOL – You dont have to give up snacking to eat healthy
  35. IOL – How food affects our emotional and mental well-being 
  36. Metro FM – Blood type Diet
  37. SA FM Are workplace foods a source of unhealthy calories?
  38. Sowetan Live – #ThirstyThursdays : Drink Free and be Merry
  39. Daily SunLiving Healthy with Diabetes
  40. E-TV ; eNCA – Eat well , Stay well
  41. 10 ways to eat Healthy during festive seasonCitizen  ;  Safrica 24  ;  IOL News ; Findal News  ;  Mossel Bay Advertiser
  42. Metro FM with NomathembaWorld Vegan month 
  43.   True Love – Intermittent fasting
  44.  Metro FM – Popular fad diets
  45.  News 24 – Best antidote to child hunger
  46. Eco Daily – Crankdown on fake foods  ;  FindAllNews – Crankdown of fake foods
  47. Classic FM – Breastfeeding week 2018
  48. Laughing CowThe advert
  49.  Metro FMNutrition 101 with Kgopedi 
  50. Kaya Fm – Kicking the habits
  51. IOL News – Healthy trends 2018
  52. 702 Talk Radio – Staying hydrated during drought  ; Cape Talk Radio – Staying hydrated during drought
  53. 702 Talk Radio – Benefits of kicking booze  ;  Cape Talk Radio – Benefits of kicking booze  ;  Player FM – Benefits of Kicking booze
  54.  Healthy trends (Golo)
  55. My Kitchen Magazine; My kitchem magazine  for their July Issue 33. The spread was about how to  make healthy food choices in winter.
  56. A guide for healthy eating during festive season in December 2017 which was shared in many online platforms including:  Health 24  Dispatch Live  ;  Longevity Live  ;  Nutritional Confidence  ;  All 4 Women Magazine
  57. Jozi Gist – Keeping healthy balance holidays ;  Joburg West – Keeping healthy balanced holidays
  58. Omny FM – Beating the Snack Attack
  59. eNCA – Body Shaming
  60. SowetanAre fitness gurus also health nuts
  61. World Breastfeeding Conference 2012 –World-Conference-Report-6-9-Dec2012
  62. SABC 1Mokapelo
  63. Mushroom Study for South African Mushroom Association (SAMFA):  SAMFA  ;  Final Report  ;  Herald Live Durban Get Online Also on the September 2016 Copies of Drum & Rooi Rose Magazines among others…