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Mbali Mapholi Inc Offers to its Clients

Individual Consultations

Comprehensive nutritional assessments with a dietitian.

Weight-loss/ lifestyle Change Program

A 6 week dedicated program to support your weight loss or lifestyle change intentions.

Online Consultations

Whilst it is crucial to have a one-on-one with a Dietitian, we fully support convenience

Discovery Vitality Assessments

Earn Vitality points through visiting a Dietitian; Health checks & fitness assessments by appointment or at our Vitality days.

CDE-Optifast Consultations

Highly Specialized Program designed to help put Diabetics into remission, accredited by the Centre of Diabetes & Endocrinology (CDE)

Corporate Consultations

Employee Wellness, Product Analysis, Brand Promotions: and so much more of your company's Nutritional or Health needs


To build a locally and internationally revered brand for all Nutritional matters to which all media houses, organizations will descend to for advice and assistance


To assist people and organizations to follow a healthy sustainable lifestyle without being deprived, restricted and mislead through absolute diligence and professionalism.

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